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Phonak Charge and Care

Phonak Charge and Care

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Product Description

Your 3-in-1 partner in charging, drying, and disinfecting your hearing aids at the same time!

The Phonak Charge and Care is a smart, convenient charger that offers 24-hour hearing aid usage & enjoyment for only 3 hours of charging time while it keeps the device all-time dry with its active ventilated airflow. It also treats your device with UV light — an effective disinfecting method!

It comes with a USB cable and power supply wall plug adapter.

This charger is compatible with Phonak Audēo hearing aid family from Marvel to its latest technology, Lumity.

How to use?

  • Plug the power supply into a power outlet.
  • Plug the smaller end into the USB port on the Charge and Care.
  • Plug the larger end of the charging cable into the power supply.
  • The indicator light on the back is green when the Charge and Care is connected to the power supply.

Why you need this?

✅ Extra convenience in one! Charging with extra drying care features, thanks to the active ventilated airflow installed in to your charger kit.

✅ A total safety game changer! The UV light effectively treats your hearing aids to keep it hygienic and sanitized all the time.

✅ Hearing pleasure always! Whether you charge your hearing aids for 30 minutes, it guarantees a 6-hour quality listening experience.


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